What is FITA?

With more than 62 million tourist arrivals in 2017 (a 9% increase in arrivals compared to 2016, according to UNWTO) and more than 37 billion US dollars in revenue, the African tourism industry has many assets but above all an as yet untapped economic potential. Thus, in order to stimulate the economic development of the African tourism industry, Côte d’Ivoire Tourism, in partnership with UNWTO, is initiating, within the 9th edition of the Abidjan International Tourism Fair (SITA), the African Tourism Investment Forum (FITA).

FITA is an event that creates the opportunity for direct networking between investors, donors, banking institutions, engineering firms, real estate developers, development companies, law firms or financial consulting firms, and private, institutional and political tourism project leaders from more than 30 countries who are looking for the financing.

Objectives of the forum


Boost the economic growth of the African tourism industry


Link in one place, investors, financial backers, institutions, banks, investment funds, engineering firms, property developers, development corporations, law offices or public finance counseling firms, with project initiators from tourist, institutional and political sectors seeking investments and coming from 37 African countries


Promote trades and experience sharing between tourist operators from Africa

Benefits for project initiators participating in FITA

  • Business opportunies to develop their companies
  • Boost their business network with the presence of international investors
  • Enhance their professional cultures through conferences held by personalities with experience and widely known in the tourism sector
  • Trainings on investment seeking, conducted by UNWTO

Benefits for investors participating in FITA

  • Meet project initiators from 30 African countries in one place and create business opportunities
  • Meet political-economic leaders